Parivara” means “Family” in Hindi. We chose that title for the small documentary about the children’s lives in the Goldungha Orphanage in Nepal because the children were a family. A family of outcasts and disabled children shunned by their own families but in finding each other they had the truest form of family and support.

The short documentary “Parivara” about the blind children at the Goldungha Orphanage made it’s premiere at the Cambridge Film Festival in the UK next to other Hollywood and European premieres like “Arrival”, “Sully”, “Paterson”, “Letters from Baghdad”, and “Manchester by the Sea”.  Capturing several best documentary awards including the Maverick Movie Award for 2017, and on the shortlist for the Gaudi Awards (Catalan Oscar) 2017, and won the Indie Spirit Award at Sydney behind the “Silent Child” which won the US Academy Award for documentary short 2018.

The film made it’s way through over 50 film festivals which were qualifiers for the Academy Awards, Goya Awards, and Gaudi Award – these festivals included Milan, Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia, China, India, Nepal, Ukraine, and in the US – Hollywood, New York, Florida, Georgia, NJ, and various others, but the absolute best effect of the film was the lifetime scholarships conferred upon the children in the film after it played at the 5th Human Rights Film Festival in Nepal. That for us as filmmakers and humans was the absolute best award ever. – Alex K.


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