4/1/2019: Freak weather conditions in Nepal kill 30 and destroy several homes. Samarpan Nepal rushes in to provide support to those left homeless, supplies, and temporary shelter.
1/28/2019: Samarpan provided children with medical issues financial support for medical treatments (gallery).
1/26/209: Samarpan gets upgraded office in Kathmandu to better carry out it’s mission.
12/17/2018: Blind orphans at the Goldungha orphanage celebrated Christmas festivities as exams were around the Christmas time period.
12/10/2018: An iron shoe rack was custom made for the Goldungha orphanage, door mats were put in, and the children were moved into the new interim building.
10/8/2018: Tedx Talk on what we can all do to combat Child Sex Trafficking wherever we are. “Big Ideas for Small Town America” – (picture in galleries).
9/27/2018: 10 children rescued from traffickers in conjunction with Nepal Police and Military.
9/15/2018: Several Trafficking Awareness Seminars held across Nepal in conjunction with several other organizations.
8/8/2018: Alex received US Congressional Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Service in the service of children around the world.
8/10/2018: Several programs run for betterment of children’s lives in several orphanages as well as orphanage for blind.
7/10/2018: A new building for the children of the Goldungha orphanage is currently being built. Right this Minute did a story on us and we received several kind donations.
Thank you to all who donated and spread the word via Social Media!
3/20/2018: A computer room was recently set up at the school for the children of the Goldungha orphanage to help in the children’s learning and computer skills
1/30/2018: Additional classes have been added to benefit the children’s curriculum in terms of teaching others, outside of their normal day to day classes
12/25/2017: The children at the Goldungha Orphanage for the blind celebrated American Christmas with a variety of necessities, warm clothes, and a party.
6/29/2017: Thanks to “Parivara” playing at the Nepal International Human Rights Film Festival – the Nepalese government had decided to step in and assign a government paid teacher, and grant scholarships for the children at the Goldungha Orphanage for the Blind’s schooling until 18 years old.
2/2017 to 4/2017: Various events for children rescued from Human Trafficking and Organ Traffickers in Cambodia.
12/25/2016: The children at the Goldungha Orphanage for the blind celebrated American Christmas with a variety of necessities, warm clothes, and a party.
6/2016 to 8/2016: Various events for children from Human Trafficking in Peru.
10/23/2015: Zorro Productions Humanitarian Award received at 100 years of Zorro in Film and TV for work Samarpan Foundation did on behalf of children.
10/23/2015: Screening of “Madina’s Dream” at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to highlight the face of genocide today.
3/13/2015: “Madina’s Dream” Produced with Andrew Berends and several children affected by the civil war in Sudan’s Nuba mountains were able to be sent to school via the Nuba Education Fund established.
2014/2015: Various disaster relief efforts in rural Nepal taken. Various Orphanage operations were financed. Various Anti-Trafficking and Human Trafficking Awareness campaigns were launched.
2014: Samarpan Nepal formally registered by Alex K. Rojas, Sunita Pant, Anne Digby, and Shree Adhikari.
2013: Various trips to Nepal to provide financial support, supplies, and medical procedures for disabled children and orphanages there.
2/2013 to 6/2016: Several rescue operations of underage children in cartel run brothels and businesses across Mexico.