Our Story

The term “Samarpan” means “Selfless Service” in the Sanskrit language. 

In terms of service, we chose to serve children who do not have a voice due to their situation.  This includes disabled children, children affected by human trafficking, and those in war torn countries.

Samarpan Nepal was formally created in 2014 for the day to day operations of maintaining an orphanage in Goldungha, Nepal of 12 blind orphans who teach other disabled children and provide a warm family like environment for children discarded by parents due to their disability.

While Samarpan Nepal was supporting several orphanages and natural disaster relief work (earthquakes and weather related disasters), one of the founders who had been involved in various anti-human trafficking work globally started expanding Samarpan’s mission scope to include helping children affected by sex trafficking within the Nepal, India, China triangle and beyond by providing the funding, infrastructure, and intelligence network to combat traffickers, aid in the prosecution of cases, assist with direct rescues, engage in criminal investigation, petition for victim’s rights, and organize legal action against those who would victimize children at local and international levels.

Legal Status

SAMARPAN USA is a privately organized non-profit and non-religious NGO (Non-governmental organization) pending 501c status. We operate with little or no operating budget partnering with various other NGOs around the world to have a global and speedy impact on issues of homelessness, poverty, and human trafficking affecting children.

SAMARPAN Nepal is a non-profit and non political organization registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal on 2071-06-06 (Sep 22, 2014) with Registration No: 290 and Social Welfare Council Affiliation No. 40225.